What are you looking forward to in 2022?

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Apr 28, 2018
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Ah. Did you miss this?

I'd missed it, indeed. Of course, it being 5e, I still wouldn't back it, but thank you nonetheless:thumbsup:!

We also have Jewelspider coming out some time next year. (From what Dave has said, it's not so much a new version of Dragon Warriors as a spiritual successor. Pretty sure it's going to still be Legend though).
Oops, yes, 2022!

And the feel seems to be the main thing the new game is keeping, while trying to remove the more obvious D&Disms.
Jewelspider, OTOH, is an auto-buy:shade:! (Tetsubo is another one, of course).

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Oct 15, 2019
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In 2022, I'd like to master regularly the table of young enthusiasts at my son's highschool.
We're playing D&D 5th edition, and it goes well, and it's very refreshing to me - everything is new !

I'd like to master my session of D&D Basic/Expert (Old School Essentials, if I'm being precise) every odd week. In this one, I've got two players, my wife and our son, and it's a blast for all three of us.

In this one, I'm entertaining the bizarre notion of delivering a highly structured story, with many props and visual aids - maps galore, every NPC properly drawn, background music, etc. - like I (imagine I) would have loved to play in when I was my son's age (14 years old). But my free time being what it is, I can't manage one tenth of what I dream about.

Thankfully, my son and my wife don't care a whit about my retconned Grognard nostalgia (they're "almost new" players) and are just happy to walk fleetingly (she plays an Elf) and tromps (he plays a Dwarf) through Mystara, while befuddling the villains (like she does) or curbstomping them with his vicious axe (like he does). They're wiser than I am.

And last, but not least, I intend to put to practical use my theoretical knowledge of Ars Memorativa to commit to exact memory the rules of D&D B/X (to-hit and saving throw charts included), D&D 5th edition and the periodic table (because (I know] I can do it !)
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