Zombicide: Black Plague + Green Horde


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Apr 25, 2017
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Greetings! I wanted to start a thread about one of my favorite board games ever, Zombicide.

Official pages:

I had missed the original Kickstarters for these games, so I don't have everything, but I've managed to acquire a lot of the expansions.

What is Zombicide?

A fully co-operative miniature skirmish game in which each player takes on the role of one or more "Survivors", battling their way through an ever-increasing horde of undead. The enemies are generated at random at specific "spawn points" and whenever someone opens up a building. These monsters and random treasures, are pulled at random using decks of cards. Expansions add combinations of new monsters, heroes, treasures and adventure tiles.

How crunchy is it?

Not very. My 8 and 6 year old kids can play it easily! I've definitely played more complex board games. I've introduced Zombicide to many non-gamers and they grasped it really quickly and loved it. Less complex than Descent, more complex than Ghostbusters. If that means anything to you...

Essentially you get three actions per turn in which you can do a combination of
  • move a square (or zone)
  • attack (ranged, melee or spell)
  • open a door (by hacking away at them)
  • make noise (zombies are drawn toward the "noisiest" zone on the board when they can't actually "see" a Survivor)
  • search (only once per turn, but you can search the same "zones" within any building as often as you'd like)
Attacks are basically determined by whichever weapon or spell you're using (the details are written on the cards):
  • the range (0, which is within the same zone as your Survivor, or 1-3 "zones" away for ranged weapons)
  • the number of dice you roll (always a few d6s)
  • the target number you have to roll to score a "hit" (which leads to interesting choices: is it better to use a 2-die weapon that hits on a 4+ or a 5-die weapon that only hits on a 5+?)
  • the amount of damage you inflict per successful hit (most zombies require only one damage, but some tougher ones require 2 or more damage from a single success; this means that some of the tougher monsters can get riddled with arrows and sword slashes which do absolutely nothing)
After all players have taken their turns, the Zombies get to go. They basically "activate" meaning that they either move towards the nearest Survivors, or, if they're close enough, deal damage to them.

Why this game?
  • Easy to learn but plenty of room for tactical decisions
  • Lots of possibilities for customization, with or without official expansions
  • the Minis!!! The glorious minis. I mean, seriously, check them out:

I will post more soon, but I'd love to hear your experiences with this game, and which expansions you've acquired and liked (or disliked).

We own Massive Darkness, which I understand is somewhat similar to Black Plague?
We own Massive Darkness, which I understand is somewhat similar to Black Plague?
I own both. Massive Darkness takes the ideas from Z-BP and ups the frequency of leveling as I recall.
I don't have any expansions for either ZBP it MD. If anyone has any they recommend please let me know
Summaries of the official expansions: https://www.zombicide.com/en/zombicide-fantasy-additional-sets/

I hope that this helps, but it's just my opinion after playing the game relentlessly:

*** - must haves, in my opinion, to boost the replay value.
** - after you've played everything and want more
* - nice to have, but not really necessary
X- OMG don't bother

Hero Box 1 ***
Great additional heroes. Worth it for added variety to the game.

Zombie Bosses ***
To make the game harder if you feel it is too easy. Also amazing miniatures for the price. New super abominations that kick all sorts of ass.

Deadeye Walkers **
Makes the game harder, and adds a bit of variety with ranged undead attackers (the only ones of their kind). They're cool minis too (skeleton archers).

NPCs 1 and 2 *
Either box makes the game easier, because you can get super items by killing and collecting trophies of these new zombies. Cool minis, but not really needed. The new items are nice, though.

Murder of Crowz **
Makes the game harder and adds variety with fast moving creatures that can fly through walls and obstacles. I wasn't impressed with these miniatures, so I downloaded the free rules and used my Skaven minis to do the same thing (I loved the idea of Skaven scurrying around in the sewers, attics and crawlspaces).

Game Tiles X
Just duplicates of tiles that you already have in the game. Wholly unnecessary (I can't fathom why you'd need these at all).

Special Guest artist boxes *
Get them if they're on sale or you really, really want particular minis. They're really cool, but often overpriced. Not really needed to enjoy the game, but if you have done it all and want new stuff, go for it. Personally, I collected several of them, but I'm kind of an idiot. My faves:

Wulfsburg **
Adds a whole new level of challenge with fast moving zombie wolves and a Wolf-abomination. Most game deaths occurred because of these assholes. Comes with new heroes (nice ones), some strong items, new tiles and lots of modules. A solid expansion.

Friends and Foes *
I love this expansion, but I only got it because I found it on sale and I've played the game to death already. New heroes, new "toxic" zombies, items and tiles. Is compatible with either Black Plague or Green Horde.
I don't have any expansions for either ZBP it MD. If anyone has any they recommend please let me know
I believe you can do cross-over games between the two as well.
Combining Black Plague and Green Horde

For the record, if you already own both games, you don't actually need any expansions to mix Black Plague and Green Horde. You can just put the two games together (using map-campaigns from either book). Mix and match to your heart's desire.

The interesting question becomes: how do you balance things out?

I've found some forums where people suggest specific ratios to combine item cards from both games, as well as ways to handle both orc zombies and regular ones. Some ideas I've seen where you keep the two decks seperate:

1. Use regular zombies inside of buildings, Orcs for outside.

2. Split the spawn points: half are regular zombies, the others Orc zombies.

3. Use only regular zombies, but add in the Orc necromancers instead or regular ones. While an Orc Necromancer is on the board, all of the spawn points and buildings draw from the Orc deck.

Some ideas I've found on Reddit:

A great resource, with step-by-step instructions on merging both games together:
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Campaign play

If you wanted to do this (let Survivors level up over a few games) how would you handle it?

  1. Letting the Survivors keep their XP from one game to the next? The problem here is that within a single game, most of the Survivors are likely to reach the orange zone. You'd be spending most of your campaign in the Red zone, which reduces the slow build-up of a regular game...

  2. Re-set the XP, but let them keep their bought skills. This means that they stay strong, but it takes a while to go back up and purchase those other Orange and Red skills. The drawback is that these levelled up Survivors will breeze through the Blue "stage" in subsequent adventures... But maybe that's the point?

  3. Leave as-is, but let the players start at the next "zone" at each subsequent adventure. So in their second game, everyone starts off at the bare minimum in Yellow, the third game in Orange, the Fourth in Red etc... During the Fourth game, the Survivors can go back "up" to Blue and work their way back up again to Orange and Red to get those other skills. Eventually, by the end of a campaign set of adventures, each Survivor might max out all skills on their card.
Either way, I'd have them lose all their items or the party can choose to keep one or two of them. I dunno.

Has anyone tried something like this?
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