Old School Inspirational Art Thread

Did Thor turn to piracy and get lost in the Himalayas?

This one makes me think of the old school Warhammer Fantasy of my youth:

Cheesecake, sorry, but I liked the color scheme:

It must be a Racing Snail, or a Very Patient Knight:

I'd never seen this piece by Otus (again, sorry for the cheesecake):

Crazy color scheme here... Psychadelic
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Similarly, during the Q&A for Talislanta, SMS said he has no idea how to get hold of P.D. Breeding-Black.
Can the whole "art punk" rpg scene we have today be traced back to ZS work on LotFP?

I used to own all his stuff at one point and considered his style novel. I dont recall seeing anything like that in the rpg sphere before him.
That's not Zak. I like the handy crabs better than anything of Zak's.

I don't find anything particularly punk about Zak or his work, other than his hair style. Maybe it's my proximity to the New York art scene, but he just seems like an aging art school kid.

Now, going back the '90s, Hōl is punkier than anything Zak has ever done.
I don't see Mork Borg or Troika as being particularly influenced by Vornheimort
Well, "artpunk" isn't the first term applied to this wing of the OSR. Zak, Patrick Stuart, Scrap Princess, etc. this was originally called the "artfag" wing, obviously disparagingly. Bold, abstract, artistic ways of presenting information that could actually make it more difficult to use at the table (most infamously the maps of these products) was the legitimate reasoning for the term. Of course the rankling jealousy that Zak was big on the scene because he played D&D with Pornstars and that the ArtWing of the OSR was gaining a huge fan following based on a couple products like Death Frost Doom, Vornheim, Deep Carbon Observatory and Veins of the Earth was the non-legitmate reasoning for the term. LotFP in general typified this type of release, and added to the controversy via its adult content, expressed with books with rather juvenile titles.

While the idea that artistic presentation and type of content could be as important as the content itself wasn't new as has been pointed out, HoL, and Black Dog products were many years earlier...the OSR generally wasn't embracing that earlier non-OSR aesthetic, while an increasingly large section of the OSR was embracing the ArtWing.

Too be honest, I really can't envision the Hydra Cooperative, Troika!, Mork and all the Borgs, etc. without LotFP. Without their addition to the OSR Zeitgeist, those following products do not exist, and that seems to me to be axiomatic.

Pinning it all on Zak would be a mistake, but claiming he had no influence is an even bigger one.

James Raggi, Zak, Patrick Stuart, Scrap Princess, Geoffrey McKinney, et al., hell, even the unapologetic and unremitting GONZO of Jeff Rients are essential I would say to the current state of the OSR ArtWing.
The warrior is obviously still drunk and picked up his axe with wrong hand and went to block with said axe. Meanwhile... the shield is confused by its new status as an axe. Want to be warrior is about to be lucky if he only loses his left forearm.
He's stepped inside the massive range of the Yeti, is going to cut its right tricep with the axe and shove the shield sideways into that open mouth...or something.

But obviously, Pirate Thor needs to not sail his airship over Everest during a storm.
Some Angue McKie from the Terran Trade Authority books:


Here is the same ship - the "Interstellar Queen" in the TTA-verse, but I guess originally done as the Hooded Swan for a series of novels by Brian Stableford:


EDIT: found the whole set. I must say I greatly prefer bottom-left and bottom-right out of the six. Top-left in particular looks a bit ungainly.

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